Municipal Theatre Of Piraeus 21-22 Season 2021-2022

The Municipal Theatre Of Piraeus, housed in a magnificent neo-classical building, was established in the late 19th century. In over 130 years of history, the theater has been part of the city of Piraeus and of Greece, from accommodating thousands of refugees in WWI, to suffering extensive damages from bombing attacks during WWII. MTP, through it all, has always been a space of inspiration and creation. We were honored to design the campaign’s visual identity for the 2021-22 season, a season that plays host to diverse contemporary programmes, art events of dance, music and performance, one-off events and festivals. MTP, as a whole, is modern theater and a vital part of the community. Thus, we were challenged to deliver both aesthetic and communicative impact, for the organization and the people. Past and present fuse together in an amalgamation of photography, bold colors and delicate typographic elements, to convey its artistic expression through many different visual languages, while building on its visual legacy.

Booklet photos: Alex Kat