Koketa cucina intelligente

Koketa (Coquette) is an outdoor restaurant located at the heart of Santorini. It is the perfect place to experience the warmth of sunlight and the sharp flavor of the ocean, and a place deeply influenced by the cultures of the mediterranean. We designed its brand identity intending to bring forth a casual elegance of an afternoon soiree, and the idyllic moments of the sunset. Our goal was to mix vintage details with a modern twist on both print designs and signage, as well as digital applications on social media. Flowing lines and floral illustrative elements are neatly woven together with a classic yet modern typography, while the materials and the textiles used reflect the timeless aesthetic of the Mediterranean spirit. Koketa is a visual and gastronomical experience, able to emerge you into a fresh experience into an inviting atmosphere.

Photographer: Christos Prentoulis
Video creator: Alessandro Vensi Hans