Gyalinos Kosmos

The Glass Menagerie is a play by Tennesse Williams that illustrates peculiar family bonds and the timeless human need for one to live in their own illusions, and their own glass, fragile worlds that come into contrast with the harsh reality.

In collaboration with Mylonas Winery, this year we tried a different approach to create a New Year's gift about self-reflection and introspection. This is a limited edition rich red wine, paired with a minimal typographic label on a silver reflective surface. In its mirror reflection each one can view a different world, a reality we can all escape and break out to.

The wine is wrapped in a paper sheet, with part of a dialogue taken from the play, and a unicorn depicted on the outer side as a reference to the glass unicorn in Laura's collection in the play, representing the unique and the extraordinary.

During these tumultuous times that we face, we are only witnesses of how easily everything we have ever known can change. Anything can break and shatter completely, as if it is made of glass: a reminder of how fragile our lives seem to be. Everyone seems to be enclosed in their own memories, in their respective little worlds filled with nostalgia.

For the new year, we can only hope for times of self-awareness and thoughtfulness, to recognize this world’s beauty and how ephemeral it can be.

“For nowadays the world is lit by lightning!
Blow out your candles, Laura -- and so goodbye. . . .”
― Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie, 1944

photography Aphroditi Houlaki