Ancient Professions at the acropolis museum

Ancient Greece, most known for its great philosophers and political figures, is now being presented in a slightly different way for the young visitors of the Acropolis Museum. In its latest initiative, the Museum entrusted us to design a book about the ordinary people in ancient Athens, and their most common professions. In an observation game through the galleries of the museum Athena Ergane, the goddess of labor, accompanies kids to discover artifacts and less known facts about the ancient world of employment, and the people behind the masterful creations that have survived to our days. The book contains illustrations with bright and warm colors, framed by a contemporary layout that highlights the exhibits and engages the young children to discover and learn through playing.

Client: Acropolis Museum
Available in the Acropolis Museum Shops, in Greek and English.

Photos: Giorgos Vitsaropoulos © Acropolis Museum