Piet Artisans of Flavour

Piet is an Ice cream laboratory located in Hague with high quality organic ingredients and a knack for tasty combinations. Inspired by Piet Hein, a famous Danish poet, designer, inventor and scientist of the 20th century, this ice cream store aims to combine art with the science behind ice cream making. Cristophe and Alon, owners and creators of this concept are both world travellers and have been residents of multiple countries. Along with new ideas, they brought back different flavours of ice cream as memories of all those different cultures. Our goal was to create a visual identity that truly encapsulates this bright and colourful space, with quirky illustrations and contemporary colours, as well as typographic details to match. Blocky, handwritten fonts that add a visual texture to its visual identity, and bold sans serif for the “grooks” (short poems of Piet Hein) that are prominent throughout the brand. If you happen to be in Hague, make sure you visit Piet and enjoy their wonderful flavours: such as Mango sticky rice, Halva with sesame seeds, Masala chai, and many more.

Client: Piet | Artisans of Flavour