Municipal Theatre of Piraeus 22-23 Season 2022-2023

“The world is the stage, and all the men and women are merely the players”.
William Shakespeare

This year’s campaign’s visual identity of Municipal Theatre of Piraeus puts forward the actors before their transformation, as the performers that they are just before they step on stage, and explores the connection between art and the city of Piraeus, the world offstage as we experience it. We were challenged to create a dialogue between the extroverted nature of the classical theater and the industrial essence of the city. Portraits inspired by renaissance paintings are now placed in today’s art of photography, with brush strokes highlighting their forms and figures, as they clash and mix with the everyday scenery of a contemporary city. The building that houses the theater, a neo-classical monument of the 19th century, is situated in the midst of industrial structures and an area infused with urban culture: a juxtaposition of different elements that seem to coexist in today’s society. The dynamic character of the visual identity is completed with a strong typography and spots of color, accentuating the varied nature of performances within its walls.

Art Direction: polkadot design, Zoe Chatziantoniou
Portraits: Contantinos Lepouris
Piraeus city & theater: Vaggelis Poulis, Maria Koukou