Wet Stories Santorini

We are all part of the same story. Each of us creates different chapters, leaving our own imprint in a multi-diverse mosaic of time. We may not be able to determine the narrative, but we do get to decide the role we want to play. In this mystical realm, everyone who travels here has their own story to tell.

Which part of the story are you?

Located on the black sanded beach of perivolos, Santorini, Wet stories is an all-day beach bar-restaurant that wishes to conjure the senses of the mind. We were challenged to explore its re-branding, with the intention of capturing the unique atmosphere of the island, and connecting its spiritual philosophy to the visual identity. Here, where the Mediterranean cuisine is paired with local products and fine cocktails, all is surrounded by the Aegean ocean waves and the swell of the sea. Therefore, we chose a color palette of muted natural tones and the intense color of terracotta, combined with subtle textures and organic lines, appearing throughout printed material and the overall experience. All parts of the earth, wind and sea appear as spot illustrations, complementing the ethnic elements and the minimal typography.

Photos and Video by Christos Prentoulis