Performants | The bright side of live

Performants is an online platform that unites the music community and creates musical pathways reaching out further into the world. Drawing inspiration from a colony of ants helping one another, and the creativity found in the music industry, musicians, bands and music venues are now able to meet in a common online space to discuss future collaborations, in order to develop a live music radar across the Balkans and Europe. Looking from above, all synchronize like ants to carry concerts from stage to stage. We were honored to be part of this innovative brand, creating a concise application for both music managers and musicians, encouraging them to evolve and grow their audience. With a focus on user experience, the typography is carefully chosen to be clear and legible, matching with the illustrative elements, and ensuring that users can easily navigate and interact within the platform. While still maintaining a clean and professional aesthetic, both web platform and mobile application shape a dynamic, lively space and engaging environment that bring together musicians and music venues in a seamless way.

Whether it's discovering new talent, finding the perfect venue, or connecting with fellow musicians, Performants coordinates the efforts of all their community members in order to produce unique music experiences.