Cuvée Vouno

Cuvee Vouno is a distinctive wine in its origin and a result of an intricate process, showcasing the terroir of the Attica region and the expertise of Mylonas winery. The wine is fermented and matured on fine lees for many months, while its eclectic grapes originate from rocky and ragged terrain. To capture its premium essence, we designed a label that embodies the spirit and the harsh nature of this mountainous land. Raw rocks seem to balance delicately in this journey of Savatiano through time, in a meeting of organic and precise lines, juxtaposed by the vast and uncontrollable nature of a mountain range. Cuvee Vouno is a special wine grown into a deep-rooted cues of the wine industry, skewing towards the modernity of our time.

Client: Mylonas Winery