Children's Book a stick called Cyril

I have a stick called Cyril,
and Cyril is my friend.
Some things are meant for keeps
to last until the end.

Children’s book written by Alison Falkonakis
Illustrated by Nearchos Ntaskas - little polkadot

In a world where things are easily replaced and thrown away, where happiness is only treated as an ephemeral and momentary lapse in time, it’s rare to find something to keep forever.

Inspired by Alison Falkonakis’ story about a boy who stumbling across the woods, finds a lifelong friend, a stick, called Cyril.

A heartwarming tale, full of vibrant illustrations and bright colours, depicting the boy’s life and the changes he goes through, while the only thing that remains constant is Cyril, silent and ever-present, a lifelong friend accompanying him along the way.

Published in greek and english.
Papadopoulos Publishing
Faros Books

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